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  • Do Personality Assessments Work? Sometimes.
    I’ve always been skeptical of personality assessments. After taking the DISC twice—once getting a D-C and more recently getting a high, nearly even I-D—I found that both results matched my personality on some levels yet conflicted on others. This is where my skepticism come in. There’s truth in assessments to varying degrees.
  • A Closer Look at CES’s Game Changers
    Check out this video counting down to some of the best tech for your future real estate business from CES 2018.
  • Get Smarter About Smart Homes
    Consumers are increasingly curious about smart home tech, and they’re turning to real estate agents as a vital resource for information.
  • CES2018: Smart Homes, Robots, and More
    The technology industry’s signature event can be overwhelming; people zoom by on Hoverboards, drones swarm overhead, televisions loom larger than your eyes can take in, booming speakers rattle you to the core, cars drive by on their own, and random robots rush up to greet you.
  • Like the Tax Law? Don’t Like It? Remember, Much of It Expires in 2025
    Whatever you think of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which President Donald Trump signed into law just before Christmas, much of it goes away on Dec. 31, 2025, which means many of the changes will revert back to what was in place before the bill was signed unless Congress acts to extend the provisions. […]